Oil-Free Nourishing Serum



  • Wilma Schumann Skin Care Products
  • An advanced nourishing serum for oily skin
  • For oily, acne prone and/or normal skin.
  • A light serum extracted from Omega-3 rich Salmon caviar that nourishes your skin via moisturization.
  • Contains amino acids which are the building blocks of proteins.
  • Concentrated serum formulated to hydrate and improve the appearance of damaged skin.
  • No fragrance. Non-irritating. Paraben free.
  • Dermatologist, Clinically and Allergy Tested.



Apply over cleansed skin. Use mornings and evenings, before moisturizing. Apply over entire face, neck and décolleté.



Oily/Acne-Prone Skin


Key Ingredients

Glycerin, Panthenol, DNA Sodium Salt